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98% of our clients are first in Google, not just main keywords but long tail keywords.

Your Online Marketing is in Good Hands.

Website Design in Amarillo

Did you know?

Google has made the load speed of your website a ranking factor?


Google Business Listing provides details of how clients interact with your listing.


Google will show your business to people looking for your products or services.


There is a way to reply to a bad review and way not to reply to a bad review.


People look for the bad reviews to understand how issues are handled by the owner of a business.


Let us help your business get up to date.

Google Business in Amarillo

Our Clients Come First


We are focused on our clients and their businesses. We give solutions to their online marketing needs. Be it a startup business needing business cards, or a legacy business needing an upgrade.

Website Design in Amarillo

Our Websites Are Custom Designed


Every client gets a custom website designed for them by Five Dog Solutions no templates used. If you want a change it is made on the spot.

Custom Websites Designed

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Five Dog Solutions office is located at 2400 S.W. 7th Ave. Amarillo, Texas 79109

Google Business in Amarillo

Custom Websites Designed