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Mobile Compliant


Having your website mobile compliant today is a must. 47% of the internet uses mobile devices. 67% of the purchases on the internet comes from a mobile device.

Mobile Speed


Google best practice is to have your site downloaded on a 3G network at 3.2 seconds. Anything longer you might suffer a bounce or a site disconnect. Let us help you make the grade.

Mobile Tracking


We wath your traffic like a hawk to determine  what devices are used on your website. We will insure your website design supports the mobile devices that look at your site.

Jethro is our CEO


Having a mini schnauzer for a CEO should be nice but every morning he looks at me to say; "Go earn me money!" He keeps us on our toes.  The name comes from a German word meaning "snout".

Amarillo Website Design


Five Dog Solutions has put a lot of time and effort into learning the Amarillo Areas niches. We work with  10+ 501 (c) 3s in the Amarillo area. We dedicate our time to help Amarillo find their voice.

Google Best Practices


There is no secret sauce when it comes to website design, it is just hard work. We like to put in the hard work because the out come is worth it many fold over. We watch the upcoming and new with Google.








98% of our clients enjoy 1st in Google  SERP.

87% of the world market for searches is Google

47% of the traffic on the Internet is mobile devices

15% of people in a general category are interested in your brand

After your site is launched it takes Google up to 90 days to index your site.

During this time we insure there are no errors that are reported for the site.

Issues are taken care of and resubmitted to Google for re-indexing.

Five Dog Solutions looks at structure of your website and insuring the

code is error free. We also run your site through rigorous

setup by Google to insure quality and user

expierience is at it’s peak performance.


Buck Buckley

Five Dog Solutions does not have contracts. We do the work that is needed for best rankings possible, then we roll up our sleeves and get to work! I guarantee to you that if we do not do what we tell you we will do you can fire us! With no contracts to sign all we have is our word to keep your business.

Katrena Voldren

Kat Volden is the project manager at Five Dog Solutions. She enjoys helping clients reach their full business potential using social media and keeping their websites current. Being an objective thinker, Kat uses her extensive problem solving skills to resolve client issues and is a very positive person that always says, "Let me discover a way."


She enjoys public relations and has served as a volunteer PR professional for five years and worked with television, print, and Online media for promotion of events and general team recruitment for a local roller derby team.


She is currently studying psychology to achieve her dream of opening a support center for the families of children who suffer from Autism or mental illness. Katrena knows first-hand how alone a parent feels with the lack of helpful support programs available.

Regan Mashburn

Regan is a senior at Amarillo High School, and plans to attend Southwestern University in the fall. Regan is the Editor in Chief of The Sandstorm and is going to continue her studies in communications in college. Regan has also studied theatre since she was three years old and is going to major in theatre arts in college. Regan loves working for Five Dogs!


Svetlana Bowman

My name is Svetlana Bowman, I was born in Russia where I lived most of my young adults years. I was adopted at age 15 by an American family and since then, I have been living in the United States.


Coming from a different culture and a different background allowed me to bring something unique and exciting.


The understanding of culture and people grew in time and so my love for America and my lovely family who always challenged me to be the best version of myself and not being afraid of failures.


Since I was a young girl I have always enjoyed learning about different cultures and connecting with people in a personal way.

Some of my passions you might think to yourself are very simple but I enjoy cooking from scratch and make new recipes every day. Some of the other hobbies that I enjoy doing if I have extra time on my hands are crocheting knitting and embroidering. Creating something with your hands makes me always grow in my creative side and allows me to think out of the box.


Being creative and challenging myself and at times spontaneous allows me to expand my understanding learning about myself and people around me.

Despite I have been so blessed, my life was not without challenges. One of the most difficult choices that I have been faced with are learning a new language and cultural barriers but because of it I have learned to persevere and through that difficult process to grow to my full potential.


My opportunity with Five Dog Solutions was an open door that I was willing to walk through.


Five Dog Solutions allows me to be creative as I create new ads and promote different businesses through a social media. This kind of work allows me to challenge myself in creative thinking and at the same time connect with people that I work with.


I am so thankful for Five Dog Solution and the journey that we have together to grow and inspire people around us and help our community to do the same.


Hannah McCoy

My name is Hannah McCoy. I am from Amarillo Texas. I work with all social forms of social medias. I go to school at West Texas A&M University and I am a nursing major.


I love helping people and nursing is my passion. I am a sophomore in college and am so excited to start my career. I graduated high school in 2016 and started college the following semester. I will graduate from WT in the year 2020. I have one sister and one brother both married to my amazing in-laws. I have three nephews who mean the world to me. I love getting to see them, and spend time watching them grow. I have amazing in-laws who I adore, and will always consider them family.



Website Design Featured for Five Dog Solutions


Performance Website Design Wins in Google Ranking. 96% of Five Dog Solutions Clients Enjoy 1st in Google. (We are working on the 4%.)


We work hard at Five Dog Solution in designing our performance driven websites. We work close with our clients to insure the correct key words and search phrases for their markets are reached. We do this organically through Google searches and in Social Media.


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