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Search Engine Optimization is making small modifications to parts of a website to affect an outcome. The out come from one "Tweak" may not seem like large improvements, however putting all the changes together they will have a noticeable improvement to the rankings and user experience of a site. There are essential ingredients of a website that need to be included in order to make your website competitive.

Search Engine Optimization

On any website that is created you have two audiences to make happy, Search Bots and Humans. Which do you think is more important? Most believe it is humans. You can have a great site and beautiful website but located on the tenth page of search listings. Search Engine Optimization prepares your site to be indexed by Search Bots or Spiders. These Spiders crawl the web and index web pages.

SEO Website Design

SEO Website design starts with a plan and the start of the plan is to know who you want to reach. What is your demographic? What does your targeted demographic look like? Male, Female, Mother, Father, 16 - 21 years old or 22-35. These question set your website up for success. Designing a website for your followers and targeted demographics. Where are your demographics spending their time online? Do they use a phone or computer? Do they have a use time of morning, night time or though out the day? When is the best time to put a message in front of them?

Website Design

In designing a website things you should consider; Load Times, Colors, (Not your favorites but the colors that attract attract and send messages.) Ease of use and whether your site is comprehensive to navigate. Do you know you website should be laid out in a document first so the pages can get the maximum links? If it is put in a doc the "reason" for the website can be talked about and constructed and moved around for a better "user experience". I have told my clients that any 18 year old with a computer can build a website, however it takes planning to make a website a marketing tool that will render a better return on investment.

Web Design

Web design is not just your website. Your web design also consists of Social Media, Local Listings, Emails and much more. When all these elements are put in the proper order and are working harmoniously you should be getting "drops" which are inquiries of your products and services. These drops should begin to show you trends that will help you make business decisions that will increase your bottom-line. New users that are introduced to your business increase your walk-in traffic or inquiries of products or services.

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