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98% of our clients are first in Google, not just main keywords but long tail keywords.

Online Marketing


Inbound Marketing


Inbound marketing refers to ways by which customers are drawn to your website. Simply put, this type of marketing revolves around the need to get customers to find you.


We believe that this is one of the most effective marketing methods you can invest in, as once customers’ attention is drawn to you, they will be more inclined to buy something. Inbound marketing is placing you product or service in front of potential clients when they are looking.


Lead Nurturing Marketing


What is marketing automation?


Marketing automation or Lead Nurturing Marketing is a process that Five Dog Solutions will set in order to capture the names and emails of specific individuals who are looking to purchase your products or services. Five Dog Solutions can then turn those leads into potential buyers of your products.


Online Local Listing Services


Online customers are not all that different from shoppers and service consumers who go to a brick and mortar store or office. Local Listings are the new brick and mortar. All consumers expect to find the products and services are as advertised, quality and choice, pricing and excellent accessibility and customer service and reviews.


There are some major differences in the way Online shoppers behave and in their expectations, however. This means that your Online reputation must be absolutely spot on at all times. Your critical information on your Local Listings must be updated the second you know changes are coming, you must anticipate who has been advertising your business as a public service, even though their services are independent of your marketing and promotional plan.

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